1 on 1 Personal Training 

One-on-one personal training is a very unique experience where you will enjoy 100% personal attention. Doesn’t matter if your goal is to loss weight or to improve your athletic performance, your goals will be achieved at a faster rate. Our trainer will be emotionally committed to changing your life and guiding you to adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle with no interruptions. Your program will be customized to your goals after your initial assessment and consultation.

– 1 On 1 Private Training
– Personalized Workout Plans
– Weekly Accountability Check-ins
– Nutrition Consultations
– Personalized Food & Supplement Recommendations
– Weekly Fitness Assessments Renton Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training 

With a very reasonable rate, Small Group Personal Training is the best of both worlds! You will receive an individualized program designed by Noah based on your experience and work out alongside 2-5 other people in a fun group setting. You will meet and network with people who have similar goals. Together you will challenge and motivate each other to achieve your personal goals!

– Small Group Training
– Weekly Accountability Check-ins
– Nutrition Supports

– 2 times per week, $40 per person, per hour.
– 3 or more times per week, $30 per person, per hour.

Build lean muscle, strength and stamina. Body weight, free weights, and machines will be incorporated in your training programs. You will enjoy dedicated personal attention with only fraction of the cost of personal training. This is the best bang for your buck!

Youth Training 

– Functional Strength training
– Sports specific conditioning
– Injury prevention
– Flexibility and balance training
– Speed and agility circuits
– Mobility, stability, and functional training

Keep it simple!
It’s supposed to be fun!
Results for your sports is our #1 goal!


Coach Noah

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No Contractual Obligation. Month-to-Month Renewal.