Week 2 Workout 1: Legs
November 27, 2016
Week 3 Workout 6: Back & Core
December 3, 2016

Week 3 Workout 7: Cardio

Today is all about CARDIO!

Warm your body up with a 10-15mins dynamic warmup (think stretching or walk up and down the stairs) before starting the workout below.


Keep a stable pace that is suitable for your fitness level. Mark your finishing time on the workout log and share it with us!

Option 1: Treadmill
Option 2: Elliptical
Option 3: Running outdoors

If you are performing the cardio portion outdoors, make sure to pack enough water and dress warm.

After you are done, cool down on a foam roller or stretch on a yoga mat to relax your muscle. Remember to re-hydrate and feed your muscles with a tasty protein shake for better recovery!


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