Do Work Strength + Condition Challenge

Full Body Morning Blast
January 19, 2017

Do Work Strength + Condition Challenge

Take on the challenge! Suitable for all fitness levels!


– Go all in 100%
– No complaints
– Loud music recommended
– 3 mins max rest between each movement
– all movements must be completed in the time frame of challenge
– all movements must be approved by coach noah
– $50 to participate (waived for current clients)
– monthly test with a trainer included
– your name will go on the ‘wall of champions’ after you complete bronze, silver , or gold level
– Up on Completion of each challenge level, you will receive customized do work outfits


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In my work and personal life I live by the motto “do work, feel good”, and I wish to share it with you to improve both of your physical and mental strength. I have been working with a diverse range of clients in Renton and Seattle area for more than 8 years. I have had clients with amazing transformations and took their fitness to the next level. Before sharing my enthusiasm in fitness with others, I have been an athlete in football, basketball, rugby, and track. I have also won several titles in men’s physique competitions, and currently model for Nike. You will be my focus when training with me. I will hold you accountable and we will do work! I will support you through your fitness journey. I will pair many training concepts with your session to make it constantly challenging and fun. You will be stronger, physically and mentally. Certifications: NASM, ACE, NFPT. For better guidance contact me: Noah Bartholomew 425.591.3050 Performance Coach