1 on 1 Training

1 on 1 coaching with Noah Bartholomew is a unique experience for all fitness levels. Customized workouts will be tailored to your specific needs and experience to keep your training sessions challenging and fun. Noah is experienced in working with injuries and other limitations. He will check in on your body composition before the first training session of each week to make sure you are on track with your fitness progress.

Each session is around 50-60minutes. Let’s do this!

Semi Private Training

Group High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most popular program at Do Work. Group size is limited to 2-4 to ensure the best result for each training session. Workouts consist of exercises that target different muscle groups including legs, chest, back, arms, and shoulders. HIIT is a very effective training method for fat burning and lean muscle building.

Each session will be around 50-60mins. What are you waiting for? Let’s do some work!

Meal Planning

Do you know that abs are made in the kitchen? Doing 1000 crunches a day won’t help you see your abs any faster if you don’t make the right changes to your diet. Start eating right today with a 24day challenge. In this challenge, Noah will check in with you each week to keep you on track. His goal is to help you build a healthy eating habit. Join us and start eating clean today!

Customized Workout Programs

Are you going to the gym often but frequently get bored of your workout routines? With years of accumulated knowledge, Noah will design workout plans customized to your fitness level and needs. His workouts are challenging and fun. With his muscle confusion technique, you are guaranteed to see significant results. Noah will follow up on you each week to measure your body composition and keep you motivated. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness beginner, training for an event, or a regular at the gym who needs to spice up your routines; Noah will help you to achieve your fitness goals.