I've been working out Noah for a year and always feel amazing after my work outs! I enjoy the small group training and the positive environment. Noah has helped push me to achieve my fitness goals while still respecting the demands of other aspects of my life. I highly recommend Do Work!

Erin Risenmay

Redmond, WA

While vacationing from the east coast, I wanted to get some solid workouts in to compensate for my vacation diet. Noah certainly did that. He pushed me through my whole workout and paid attention to my personal fitness level. Next time I visit Washington, I will be sure to workout with Noah!

Melissa Photis

New York, NY

Noah is a gentle giant and really cares about getting people fit no matter how strong or if you are super outta shape he will go out of his way to get you to your desired goal and shape. There is nothing more rewarding then to finish a work out with him and to see his big smile showing how proud he is of you.

Vincent Nguyen

Seattle, WA

Fantastic trainer! Noah helps and inspires you to reach goals you set. And encourages a healthy lifestyle change. Positive attitude is what you see and what you'll get when you walk through his Do Work Doors.

Kerri LeRoy

Renton, WA

Amazing! Noah is an incredible trainer! I've had a ton of trainers and no one compares to Noah's knowledge and dedication to his clients. If you want to make a change, Do Work!

Christi Schuyleman

Issaquah, WA

There is only one person to go to and that is Mr. DO WORK himself, NOAH B.!

Victor DeLeon

Renton, WA